About Alter Ego

About Alter Ego

Alter Ego Hair Clinic is based in Cardiff.

The clinic is based in the spectacular setting of The Maltings, in Cardiff. A grade II listed building which is steeped in history, yet offers a crisp, modern, but private and discrete space for your treatment. There is also ample free parking. The clinic offers one treatment alone, Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP), also known 'as medical hair tattooing', or 'hair replication'. Alter Ego Hair Clinic are award winning specialists in this procedure and are passionate about delivering the highest standards in the field.

The clinic is owned and run by Paul Tatlow, a fully trained/qualified, insured and licensed SMP Technician. Paul originally comes from a Fine Art and Illustration background and has a razor-sharp eye for detail and precision. Once wanting to change the world through art, but now finding it more rewarding being dedicated to changing lives through the restoring of confidence, and your hairline!

Paul won 'Rising Star' and 'Best International Newcomer' awards at the 2018 Scalp Guru awards, and was also a finalist for 'Best UK technician' at the 2019 Team Micro awards. 2019 also saw a nomination for 'Best UK Artist' at The World SMP awards!

Paul also spent 20 years working for some of The UK's largest record store chains, running both corporate and independent stores. There he insisted on exceptionally high levels of customer service. He brings the same ethos to his own business practice, treating every client with the greatest of respect.

"After having the treatment myself, and experiencing the change it made to my own life, I'm grateful to be able to dedicate my time to create the same transformation in others. Every client is treated on a 1-on-1 basis and has my undivided attention. I've never had a disappointed client and every client has left my clinic with an enormous smile" - Paul Tatlow

"Genetics, diet, lifestyle and over-styling may all attempt to dictate your hair loss, but you now have the final say. Take back control."

Clinical Practice

All needles used are disposable meaning they are only used once and thrown away. They come from airtight sealed packaging and are disposed of immediately after use. There is NO sharing of needles.

All inks used are made specifically for scalp pigmentation, are of a medical grade, and will not turn blue or green like regular tattoo inks.

Ink pots and stirrers are all only used once and thrown away after every client. All equipment used for scalp pigmentation that is not disposable is cleaned and sterilised after every client.

Our Guarantee

All treatments at Alter Ego Hair Clinic come with a 1 year guarantee which means any fading can be touched up completely free. It's rare that this is required but clients can be reassured that they'll get the hairline they paid for.

If any fading occurs down the line then touch-ups will be available at a reduced rate. It can be 3-5yrs before this is required, but varies with each individual. Once you're part of the Alter Ego family you'll always be looked after. Touch-ups will only take an hour or two and will be charged at a cheaper hourly rate. You can continue to live your life without worrying about your hair.

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