The Treatment

The Treatment

At Alter Ego Hair Clinic I provide world class results in Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP).

Using a cosmetic tattoo technique I can replicate the illusion of hair follicles, giving the head the appearance of a real and natural shaved or buzz-cut look. This is a timeless style and means no more staring at a shiny scalp. More importantly, the hairline acts as a frame for the face and it's restoration can make you look 10yrs younger and restore balance to your appearance. Clients often say how they could no longer wear certain clothes since losing their hair, due to the face getting lost against certain colours with the hair no longer there to add a 'cap' to their facial features. Many of you will understand this already.

A few of the basic stages of hair loss are illustrated below but everyone is different. It's worth mentioning that SMP can also be used to 'bulk out' and add density to existing hair if it is thinning at the roots. This is a popular solution to female hair loss, but applies to both sexes alike. Although hair loss does more commonly affect men Alter Ego Hair Clinic loves to deliver amazing results with female clients. Age is not a limitation either. Please don't assume SMP is just for the young. Many clients are 50+ (not that this is old!) and have always wanted to regain their hairline. There is a minimum age restriction of 18 but absolutely no ceiling.

SMP is great for:

- Men and women
- Young and old
- Shaved look and density fills
- FUT and FUE transplant camouflage
- Alopecia cover
- Cancer/Chemotherapy patients
- Much more!

The treatment takes 3 stages in total but you will have a new hairline on your very 1st visit. The first treatment will be a cautious shade of pigment to gauge how well the scalp will hold it. It is natural for this to fade a little over the first 7-14 days, at which point you are ready for your 2nd treatment. This is the stage where the magic happens and we can establish the exact shade required. The 3rd visit is generally just for minor adjustments and touch-ups, but we can still be taking some major leaps on this session. The price you are quoted will be for all 3 stages and your 1 year guarantee.

The pigments used to replicate the hair follicles are the very best in the SMP community. The equipment used is the best technology has to offer and is known for it's excellence in SMP results.

There a couple of videos at the bottom of this page to check out. Working alone, I don't have much time to shoot video, so one of these is from ScalpMicroUSA which covers a lot of what you can expect from your first visit.

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Types of Treatment

Scalp Micropigmentation Cardiff, Hair Tattoo Cardiff, Hair Loss Treatment Cardiff

Receding Hairline

Obviously one of the easiest and quickest stages of hair loss to treat. I can bring back your hairline to its natural position. After the treatment is done you will look younger and your confidence will be fully restored too! Treatment is less noticeable to others at this stage. The quicker you catch it the better.

Scalp Micropigmentation Cardiff, Hair Tattoo Cardiff, Hair Loss Treatment Cardiff

Balding Of The Crown

Male Pattern Baldness of the crown affects a lot of men. At this stage there is still a fair amount of hair to work with and blend the pigmentation into. After the first treatment all gaps will be filled to create the overall appearance of a natural shaved head.

Scalp Micropigmentation Cardiff, Hair Tattoo Cardiff, Hair Loss Treatment Cardiff

Complete Baldness

With little or nothing to work from we have to redesign the whole head of hair from back to front. Although this is the most extensive of treatments it is often the most life changing. Clients look much much younger after such a major overhaul and it can shave 10yrs from your looks. The first treatment will be a lot longer than normal but full coverage will still be achieved after the first session.

Scalp Micropigmentation Cardiff, Hair Tattoo Cardiff, Hair Loss Treatment Cardiff

Camouflaging Scars

The most commonly treated scars derive from hair transplants, leaving what is called a donor scar at the back of the head. I can cover and camouflage all scar types to make them disappear into your natural hair.

Treatment Videos

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